Apalit is a first class municipality in the
province of Pampanga, on Luzon Island in
the Philippines. According to the 2010
census, it has a population of 101,537
Apalit is surrounded by Macabebe,
Masantol, Minalin and San Simon in
Pampanga, and Calumpit, Pulilan, Baliuag
Address: Sn. Juan, Apalit, Pampanga
Telephone No : (045)-302-5233
Email: pampanga_apalit@yahoo.com
Website: apalit.gov.ph
M.I.S - Obeth Cayetano / Allen Dungo
Apalit was first established as one of the visitas (mission chapel) under the
administration of Convento de Calumpit. In 1597, the Augustinian chapter
accepted Apalit as House of Order under the advocacy of San Pedro Apostol
where Fray Pedro de Vergara OSA as its first parish priest In conjunction with
the annual town fiesta, the Libad was established by the Capitan del Pueblo, Don
Pedro Armayan-Espíritu y Macam, on June 28, 1844.Libad fluvial procession
also reaching Calumpit even today to signify the old relationship of Apalit to its
mother town Calumpit where San Juan Bautista is the patron of the Town.
The first church and convento was constructed under the tenure of Fray
Juan Cabello as parish priest from 1641 to 1645. Fray Simón de Alarcia built
another church made of concrete and tile in 1854-1860, but it was destroyed by
a strong earthquake in 1863. The present neo-classical church was built under
Fray Antonio Redondo, who was assigned to Apalit from 1873 to 1886.
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