14-day lockdown ordered in part of Pampanga village with local coronavirus transmission

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO—Apalit town Mayor Oscar Tetangco Jr. has ordered Pampanga police to enforce a 14-day lockdown in Purok 4 of Barangay Capalangan on Thursday after five more persons there tested positive for the coronavirus there.

In a video post on social media, Tetangco said the five persons were infected by the first patient, a 69-year-old woman. They lived in the same compound and the mayor said it was a case of local transmission.

The woman had contact with her children who worked in Metro Manila and in the capital city of San Fernando, he said.

Tetangco said the woman was “pulled out and isolated from Capalangan” shortly after she tested positive last June 26.


Disinfection and contact tracing have been done in the riverside village where the road is narrow and houses were built next to each other, with some parts looking like slums in urban areas.

The police banned residents from leaving their homes.



The mayor has appealed to residents to report if they had contact with the newly-infected persons.

The village of Capalangan had been placed on a three-day lockdown during the feast of Apung Iru (St. Peter) from June 28-30.


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APALIT town Mayor Oscar "Jun" Tetangco Jr. on Saturday, June 13, 2020, belied reports that a total lockdown will be enforced in the municipality after June 15.

The mayor issued a statement following several posts on social media which claimed that the town will revert to an enhanced community quarantine after the general community quarantine ends Monday, June 15.

Tetangco said the local government did not receive such order from the national government or the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, which is responsible for imposing such measures.

"There is no order related to lifting or strengthening of community quarantine that was relayed to us from the national government yet," he said.

Without any specific order, the mayor said Apalit will proceed to a modified general community quarantine by Tuesday along with other municipalities in Pampanga.

Tetangco asked Apalit residents to stop sharing unverified reports on social media which creates panic among the public.

"Let us be responsible for what we are sharing on social media. Official information and announcement from the local government will only come from our Facebook page 'Apalit I Love It.' If you see any post on social media, you can verify it from us first before sharing it to avoid the spread of fake news," he said.


APALIT -- Devotees of this town's patron saint Apung Iru (St. Peter the Apostle) will have to practice their faith in their respective houses as religious activities for this year's fiesta celebration is canceled.

According to Mayor Oscar Tetangco, Jr., no grand festivities will be held during the three-day fiesta celebration set from June 28 to 30 in compliance with the safety protocols set by the Department of Health.

Among the canceled activities are the hourly mass at St. Peter's Parish Church and the fluvial procession of the century-old ivory image of Apung Iru along the Pampanga River.

The procession of Apung Iru along the Pampanga River is one of the most famous activities in town and is attended by thousands of devotees from around Pampanga and different provinces.

Normally, the image is fetched from a house in Barangay Capalangan here on the 28th to be brought to the parish church to be part of the day-long Holy Mass and will be brought back on the 30th.

But this year, Tetangco said the image will stay in Barangay Capalangan, and no devotees will also be allowed to visit.

"We encourage Apaliteños to have a solemn celebration instead to protect ourselves from the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19). Being on general community quarantine does not mean the virus is already gone so extra precautionary measures are still needed," he said.

Tetangco also discouraged individuals who wish to visit Apung Iru or their relatives and friends to postpone their plans as mass gathering is still not allowed.

He stressed that celebration is not banned but only with intimate family members and relatives as much as possible.

"The essence of celebrating the fiesta is to honor Apung Iru and we can still do that while we are in our houses with our families. We can eat and pray together," he said.

Health measures and other protocols to maintain peace and order will also be implemented to ensure the safety of Apaliteños and the community, Tetangco added.

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